Reflections of BEW

Bruce E. Welch has had a long and interesting career in the forest industry. Recently he allowed himself to be interviewed by a journalist, so that stories which reveal his and Olympic’s part in the growth, development and change of this important resource industry, could be captured. Watch for monthly anecdotes in this section.

Thinking about the forest

People say they don’t want to see hillsides clear-cut and yet for forestry, clear-cutting may be the best way, because whole forests grow back at the same rate. If you selectively log an area of mixed trees for fir only, for example, firs will not grow back, even if they are planted, because they need an open and sunny area.


1932 Olympic Logging Company formed by WF Clark Sr, WF Clark Jr (“Grandpa”), and HJ (Bert) Welch (father of Bruce E. Welch).

Originally logged adjacent to the Big Qualicum River and Horne Lake area on Vancouver Island.

1936 Formed Beaufort Sawmills which operated until approximately 1949.
1939 Bert and Grace Welch purchased all shares of Olympic Logging Company.
1942 Bert Welch formed the Truck Loggers’ Association, and was elected by the board as its First President.
1943 Relationship between Bert Welch and HR MacMillan leads to first logging by Olympic Forest Products Ltd. on Macmillan Bloedel land.
1949 May 17, 1949, Olympic Logging Company was dissolved in favour of a new company called Olympic Forest Products Ltd. with the same shareholders.
1940’s 1950’s 1960’s Olympic Forest Products Ltd. logged within the E & N land belt in the Horne Lake area, selling timber on the open market. Also logged Macmillan Bloedel land on open market agreements.
1957 Bruce E. Welch (son of Bert) appointed Operations Manager.
1959 Bruce E. Welch appointed President upon the death of Bert Welch. Ownership of Olympic Forest Products Ltd. was shared equally between the Welch children: Bruce E. Welch, Dr. Herb Welch, and Mrs. Helen Lang.
1966-1967 Bruce E. Welch served as the 25th President for the Truck Loggers’ Association, following in the footsteps of his father.
1984 Brian B. Welch joins OFP.
1993 Acquired Elaho Logging and Elaho Transport, located in Squamish, BC.
1996 Jack R. Welch joins Elaho Logging.
1999 Brian B. Welch elected to the Truck Loggers’ Association Board.
2002 70th Anniversary of Olympic Forest Products Ltd.
2002 Olympic Log Sort Ltd is formed to carry out the business of contract log sorting.
2003 Olympic Forest Products Ltd. continues to thrive thanks to an outstanding supervisory team, dedicated employees and a solid track record in forest management.
2004 Brian B. Welch appointed as President of Olympic Forest Products.
2007 75th Anniversary of Olympic Forest Products Ltd

In Good Standing Since 1932